Detailed overview of the Asahi tower project

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Located at Vo Van Kiet Street, Phu Dinh Port Area, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Asahi Tower Project has convenient transportation location, since the project can easily go through the District 5,6,7 , 8, Tan Binh, Tan Phu quickly.

Du an Asahi Tower is bordered on the North by Road No. 11 and Ehome 3 apartments, on the West by existing residential areas, on the East by Vo Van Kiet route and in the South by Ben Luc river, Binh Dien market.

Detailed overview of the Asahi tower project

Overview of asahi tower project

Investor:  Group Investor 577
Scale:  50ha
Location:  Vo Van Kiet – Phu Dinh port, Ward 16, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City
Type:  Duplex villas – Single villas – Commercial townhouses – Townhouse garden

  • Duplex villas: 8mx20m
  • Garden villas: 15mx20m
  • Garden townhouses: 5m x 16m, 5m x 15.5m, 5m x 17, 5m x 20m, 5m x 22m, 6m x 18m, 6m x 20m
  • Commercial townhouses: 5m x 18m, 5m x 20m, 5m x 22m

With central lake area : 2ha
Legal  : Pink book stable long-term

Location of Asahi Tower project

Asahi Tower Project  Owner 577 is located at a location surrounded by District 7, District 8, Q. Binh Tan and Binh Chanh, owning the utmost convenience in transportation and easy connection to the neighboring key districts.

  • North: adjacent to Road No. 11, Ehome 3 isolated area
  • West: adjacent to existing Project
  • East: adjacent to Vo Van Kiet street (Ring II), existing residential areas.
  • South: adjacent to Ben Luc river.

The closed area of  the Asahi Tower project , located right in the crowded Phu Dinh Port, the fast bus route (Saigon BRT) No. 1 has been implemented since 2015 along the corridor of Vo Van Kiet – Mai Chi Tho street through District 1. , 2, 5, 6, 8, Binh Tan and Binh Chanh district. An extremely ideal location, rare but not all planning near the city.

Viewed from the lane of the avenue, people at  the Asahi Tower project Owner 577 is located near the upcoming Metro Line, Saigon BRT will run on a private lane with a total length of about 23 km, the route: An Lac roundabout – Vo Van Kiet – Mai Chi Tho – finished at the junction of Cat Lai very convenient. 3. VASTUOUS LOCATION of the residential area Asahi Tower Project Owner 577.

From  Asahi Tower Investor 577 can be extremely simple going to a series of surrounding resorts: Dam Sen resort, Anh Sao Bridge, Tan Cang, Binh Quoi … in just a few minutes.

At  Asahi Tower project Owner 577 ,  nothing is more wonderful than leisurely watching the beauty of the Saigon River, tourist areas, urban lights … at your own real estate.

Utilities Asahi Tower project

Asahi Tower Ben Phu Dinh convergence full of utilities of a miniature city.

  • Training system at all levels: with the only cluster of international standard schools in the area including kindergarten, primary school and secondary school.
  • Advanced health care system
  • Along the busy shopping and entertainment center; green play area for children, sports complex …
  • In particular, the internal park along the lush green river stretches to 2 hectares along the poetic river adjacent to form a quality resort space in the heart of the city.
  • Not only Asahi Tower has all the amenities in the heart of the miniature city, but around the project area, there are many other facilities such as: Quarter II market, Binh Tan District Hospital, coop Mark, Binh Phi metro , Big C An Lac, Trieu An Hospital, Western bus station, international schools …

Layout of Asahi Tower project

Asahi Tower apartment of Owner 577 is a complex including semi-detached villas, garden villas, garden townhouses, commercial townhouses designed neatly, reasonably and with all amenities. Useful for convenient and convenient life. It fully assembles the amenities of a miniature city, whereby the Asahi Tower will bring many choices for the settlement and investment needs of the majority of customers.

The Asahi Tower project  is designed to be a European-style urban planning but has a harmony between Western and Asian culture, bringing the overall beauty both modern and classic.

The project is designed as a miniature port city on the boat landing bringing unique and vibrant features.

Asahi Tower was designed by Owner 577 with a variety of easy products for customers to choose:

  • Duplex villas:  8mx20m
  • Garden  villas : 15mx20m
  • Garden townhouses:  5m x 16m, 5m x 15.5m, 5m x 17, 5m x 20m, 5m x 22m, 6m x 18m, 6m x 20m
  • Commercial townhouses:  5m x 18m, 5m x 20m, 5m x 22m

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